Recent updates as of 04/07/2021

Virtual Conference: live and dynamic

While COVID-19 vaccines give everyone a renewed sense of hope for resuming in person gatherings, the 2021 SIPS Conference will be held in a virtual format.  This necessary adjustment lead us to an exciting partnership with a proven platform that supports live and dynamic virtual conference experiences.

2021 SIPS Conference attendees will enjoy live-streamed programming with quality visual and audio features plus multiple opportunities and formats for networking and engagement with colleagues, speakers, and guests.  Attendees may even participate via laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  In addition, all live sessions will be recorded and archived so that attendees have continued access to the presentations even after the Conference ends.

We will continue to update this section with information, so plan to check back regularly.


SOCIO is an event platform that will host the 2021 SIPS Conference!  It has dynamic features that support a personalized, interactive, and dynamic experience for every attendees.  Key features include live streaming of all plenary, keynote and workshop events with live Q & A sessions along with multiple ways to engage and network with other attendees.

The first step is to register for the conference!  When you register, make sure you correctly enter your email address.  Your email address will be added to the SOCIO User Group for the 2021 SIPS Conference about a week prior to the conference.  You will then be notified the SOIO site is open and can personalize your profile, plan your daily schedule and begin to connect with other attendees. Note, only the email address entered during registration will be recognized and allow you entry into the 2021 SIPS Conference site.  Also, only one entry is allowed per email address during the conference.

All registered participants will be able to attend using either a web app on their computer or a mobile phone app… or both simultaneously!  Use the following links to down load your app(s).