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Call for applications:
concurrent workshops

Applications on topics related to the SIPS 2021 Conference themes are welcome for consideration as a concurrent workshop.  These concurrent workshops provide attendees an opportunity to examine in depth, and consider the latest research findings in order to better understand and develop applications for research, practice and education.  They also offer a forum for interprofessional learning. All applications must be submitted electronically via the submission page by December 15, 2020.

Topics relevant to SIPS 2021 Conference include:

Human research related to placebo and nocebo effects

  • Pain
  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Other drug use disorders

Animal research related to placebo and nocebo effects

  • Pain
  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Other drug use disorders

Other related to placebo and nocebo effects

The SIPS 2021 Conference Scientific Program Committee reviews all applications with a view toward the quality of the proposed scientific program. Applications may be rejected if they do not comply with the general concepts or requirements described in the guidelines below, or if they have low-quality scientific programs, duplication of major SIPS 2021 sessions and events.

Important Dates:

October 31, 2020 Call for workshops opens
December 15, 2020 Deadline to submit applications
January 15, 2021 Committee decision notifications sent

General submission information

  • Authors must complete the entire application for consideration.
  • The official SIPS 2021 Conference language is English; therefore abstracts need to be written in English
  • All completed and submitted applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee based on
    • Thematic Relevance: Is it relevant to one or more of the SIPS 2021 themes and topics?
    • Quality of Content: Is the application understandable for people not familiar with the field?
    • Significance: Is the subject relevant for placebo research?
    • Originality: Does the proposal bring new perspectives, approaches or evidence on a particular subject?

Concurrent workshop application form requires the following:

  • Names, affiliations, and qualifications of at least 3 faculty/speakers for a total of a 90 min session
  • Proposed  topic & titles (one title for the session and one for each of three speakers)
  • Intended Audience (Basic Science, Clinical Practice, Clinical Research, Cross-Disciplinary, or Translational Research)
  • Abstract for the overall workshop (250 word maximum) and an abstract for each individual speaker (250 words considering that each talk should be limited to 20 min)
  • Description of topic for each speaker (250 word maximum)
  • Why do you propose this topic now? What is the speakers’ specific contributions to the topic? (250 word maximum)
  • Why are these 3 speakers the most appropriate presenters on this topic? (250 word maximum)
  • Provide 3 educational objectives (one for each speaker) that are clear, measurable, and achievable. They should describe objectives, applications, and implications of the session.

Author guidelines

As first author, you will:

  • be the main contact person for the proposal,
  • assure all information for co-authors is submitted,
  • assure all speakers are informed of all communications, and
  • ensure accuracy of content, spelling and author information, including listing order since abstracts are directly exported from the submission database for publication.

Please review your submission carefully to make sure that all appropriate data and all authors are listed and in the correct order. Absolutely no changes to body copy, data or authors will be accepted after the submission deadline of

December 15, 2020.

Author Disclosure of Financial Relationships

All authors must complete the online Conflict of Interest (COI) and Disclosure of Financial Relationships or the application will not be accepted.  

Disclosure of relevant financial relationships includes the commercial interest name, the role played, and what was received.


Meeting Registration

All authors who will be attending the SIPS 2021 Conference must register online for the meeting and pay any applicable registration fees. The meeting registration site will open in January, 2021.  The registration of at least one author is required for application acceptance and publication in the Conference Book.


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